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The 365 day project: Writing every day

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I have decided to commit myself and take my writing to the next level. The challenge is: 365 days of writing every day.

No off-days. No excuses.

Intent #

I want to get better at writing. Doing something every day is a very effective way of getting better at something.

I have a vision of this website in my mind that I want to bring to life. That requires a lot of writing. I want to spend this time working through my huge backlog of articles and build traction for this site.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing my thesis in uni and have known since that I want to make this practice a regular part of my life.

Definition of Writing #

I am a person that needs clear rules. Uncertainty about what I can and can’t do leads me to indecision and abusing loopholes.

  • §1 Writing means writing something that will be used on this website.
  • §2 The minimum is one usable paragraph. It does not matter if the paragraph ends up being used. The intention should be that it will be. A note or rough draft does not count.
    • a) Process-appropriate translation work is a suitable alternative. The minimum for translation is a whole article.
    • b) Late-stage editing is another alternative. The minimum for editing is bringing an article from the editing phase to publication.
  • §3 Writing needs to happen on some article that is in the pipeline, not just: “Oh yeah, I wrote this note that will become an article later.”

Updates #

Here I will keep a daily log of what I have written (updated weekly.)

Project start: May23 2024
  1. Write this article.
  2. Finished writing Eat the frog, edit and translate it. Started writing The Inner Game review.
  3. Continued writing and editing The Inner Game review.
  4. Started writing on a post about vulnerability.
  5. Wrote first version of the Neurostreams quick reference guide.
  6. Wrote & published the coupons essay in German.
  7. Put finishing touches on coupons. Started on Neurostreams review.
  8. Wrote & published Minimeal review. Updates to Selling $UN.
  9. Started on Jim Rohn review.
  10. Finished the Jim Rohn person review.
  11. Continued writing the Neurostreams review.
  12. Final version of the Neurostreams quick reference guide. Translated it as well.
  13. Translated the coupons essay.
  14. Some corrections, reworked and expanded the intermittent fasting review.
  15. Collect sources for intermittent fasting, add maintenance paragraph to air purifier.
  16. Continue on Neurostreams review.
  17. Continue on Neurostreams review.
  18. 🙁
  19. Started on waves essay.
  20. Continued on waves essay.
  21. Wrote my now page.
  22. Make headway on Neurostreams review.
  23. Editing first half of the Neurostreams review.
  24. Add buying guide and do some editing on Neurostreams quick reference guide.
  25. Write introduction to challenges.
  26. Edit first half of Neurostreams review.
  27. Continue editing/rewriting Neurostreams review a little.
  28. Write first draft of No interrupting.
  29. Finish editing the second half of the Neurostreams review.
  30. Final edits and publishing of Neurostreams review.
  31. Write first draft of donating blood review.
  32. Finish donating blood analysis. Write offer technical evaluation. Translate first half of Neurostreams review.
  33. Translate the second half of Neurostreams review.

References #

Andy was my inspiration for this: CHALLENGE: Start a 365 Day Project and a more in-depth podcast episode

Jonathan Neidel
Jonathan Neidel