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Neurostreams: Review & Explaination

·8 mins·

What are Neurostreams? #

Neurostreams are a powerful tool for putting you into a desired mental state. The product itself is a collection of sounds.

These sounds can make you more focused, calm you down, put you into deep meditation, give you energy and motivation and more.

If you want to get an idea of what a Neurostream sounds like:

A caveat up-front: There is not an official English version of this product. For the sounds that does not make a difference. For your convenience I wrote an English quick reference guide that works as an overview for all the available tracks. It also links to the translated catalogue pages where you can find more details about each sound. With that, you should have everything you need, to get the most out of this great tool.

How do they work? #

Your brainwaves oscillate (swing backward and forth) around a given frequency. Frequencies are associated with a mental state and are commonly grouped into1:

  • Delta: Deep sleep
  • Theta: Light sleep, meditation
  • Alpha: Relaxed wakefulness, idle, unfocused
  • Beta: Active concentration, analytical thinking, problem-solving
  • Gamma: Use of higher cognitive functions, highly motivated, peak performance

When listening to a Neurostream, your brainwaves synchronize with the frequency of the included beat. The beat then modifies that frequency (and your brainwaves along with it) to take you to a wave length associated with the desired mental state.

Commonly a track will include an intro section, which “picks you up” at an Alpha frequency and then slowly moves the frequency up or down to the desired level.

At the end you might have an outro section that returns you to a normal level. This is, so you don’t remain in e.g. light sleep, but are put back into Beta, ready to get back to work.

Applications #

Neurostreams exist for various different applications, to which they are specifically tailored. I will introduce them in groups based what they can do for you. I will only mention my favorite tracks. Just know, that there are plenty more out there. You can discover what works best for you.

The purpose of this review is to give you an idea of what is possible and what Neurostreams are doing for me. If you are interested in more options & details afterwards, you can find a concise overview of all available tracks in my quick reference guide.

Calm me down #

Sometimes you just need to take a break. With these tracks you can put yourself into a near sleep state, from which you are woken up again. You can deeply regenerate for a time and effectively recover, ready to tackle the next thing afterwards.

How I use it #

I had always taken a little siesta (lying down some time after lunch.) But whatever I did, I never felt truly relaxed after. Mediation takes a lot of practice to get good at. Napping was ineffective for me, since I can’t fall asleep. It was always better than nothing, but not what I had hoped for.

Neurostreams dramatically increased the effectiveness of my siesta. They get me into deep meditation without effort or consistently put me into a near sleep state much deeper than my nap ever were. And with less effort. Much less.

It also gave me a tool to calm myself in urgent cases of anxiety, where my thoughts are racing or I was stressed. I can just do one of these session to be more at ease.

It just works. Reliably. A tool I never want to miss.

The tracks #

DNA Talk πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

The standard meditation track.

In the past (after a lot of training) I was able to meditate deeply for a good amount of time. But now, after losing that routine, it is hard to just sit down for 5 mins.

This track makes it easy though. It meditates you. You just sit there. 30 mins of meditation are easily doable.

Skip the practice and get right to the results.

Gaia Club Radio πŸ“»

My new favorite. It’s deeper than DNA Talk and it’s not meditation. I just lie down and relax deeply. Afterwards I’m more aware, refreshed and ready to tackle a new task. My perfect Siesta track.

I put calming down as the first category for a reason. Having the ability to calm down a frantic mind or recharge my batteries in the middle of the day is just invaluable.

Improve my work #

Most of my personal and professional work requires a lot of focus. Writing, studying, researching, reading, coding. Any kind of knowledge work.

There are some Neurostreams that put your mind into “focus mode”. Making it easier for you to focus and do your best work.

How I use them #

The tracks are an easy thing to add. I just have them running on my headphones while I work. That’s it.

I’ve had tremendous success with these. Especially in combination with blocking out distractions (notifications, interruptions and the like) and forgoing (doing without) consumption of things that would be detrimental to my attention span (short-form video, social media, the news, YouTube, etc.)

The tracks #

IQ 7000 🧠

My main concentration track. It gets me deeply into focus mode. Deep work made easy, just tune in.

Flow meets genius 🀝 Flow triff Genie

My all-round favorite Neurostream. It also works well for getting me into flow and focus mode, but I can also used more generally for lifting my my mood and decreasing anxiety or stress.

This track can be played via speakers. Because of that I will switch between IQ 7000 and this one, so I don’t have to wear headphones all day.

Brainstorms 🌩️

As the name suggests: for more effective brainstorming sessions. The beat is unpredictable and will trigger your brain to make new connections. Worked really well when I used it.

Energize myself #

Sometimes you are unmotivated and can’t seem do what you set out for yourself. But, you want or need to perform.

These tracks are perfect for generating that energy and motivation. They can speed up your brainwaves to a point where you are highly motivated and where you will want to do stuff.

The tracks #

Sturm und Drang β›ˆοΈ

It functions like coffee, giving me a boost of energy. I never drank coffee regularly and the same applies to this track. I don’t use it on a regular basis. It’s a tool I have with me, for the times when I need a little push, when I otherwise wouldn’t want to move.

Falling asleep #

Sometimes you just can’t fall asleep. For whatever reason. Because you’re excited about a trip, you slept during the day or your thoughts are keeping you up.

Not being able to sleep hurts your recovery and your performance the next day. These tracks can help you to fall asleep or even force you to.

The tracks #

Sleep forcing 😴 Schlaferzwingung

Personally I have a hard time falling asleep. My wife can sleep anywhere and any time. The speed with which she falls asleep is really astonishing. But, that’s not me.

It happens from time to time that I’m lying in bed and am excited about something, my thoughts racing or I had a little too much bluelight/activity before going to bed. And I can’t fall asleep.

I tried falling sleep naturally and using some hacks (writing down your thoughts, sleep drink, cooling down the bed, get up and doing something else and then returning, etc.), which kinda work, but not as consistently or as quickly as I would like. At some point, I just need a hammer to knock myself out.

This Neurostream is that hammer. And I am the nailπŸ™‚. I can just force myself to fall asleep. It’s the most effective way I’ve found to addressing this problem.

Why this product? #

I prefer Neurostreams over random YouTube videos, which promise similar effects. These tracks were carefully built, tested and refined. They were designed with specific applications in mind and come with clear usage instructions. You don’t need to figure them by yourself, you get a working toolbox.

I discovered this brainwave manipulation through Neurostreams and never bothered to explore what else is out there, since I am very happy with what I got.

Costs #

I started with the Panorama, which is a diverse set of tracks covering the whole range of what Neurostreams can do for you. At only 9€ getting that was a no-brainer for me. I recommend you start with it as well.

The Panorama itself will already get you quite far. If you want some of the missing track or some variety (other versions) of the Panorama tracks, then you can think about an upgrade.

Don’t think about upgrading until you have intensely tested the Panorama.

Here are all the upgrade options. I went for the Kompendium bundle, which provides all the classics that I mentioned in this post. For me it was ca. 110€, because I bought it through the Grand Slam (a bundle with some other products.) Otherwise it can be up-to 200€. But, you can also buy tracks individually and get them accredited if you decide you want a bundle later on.

The laboratory (Labor) includes more niche, experimental tracks, which weren’t of interest to me.

Try for free

Conclusions #

A great toolbox I don’t ever want to live without.

It’s in the 20% of optimizations that deliver 80% of the results for sure.

Neurostreams have something to offer for everybody and I would recommend everybody to try them.

Start with Panorama and use the quick reference guide to understand how to use the tracks.