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Eat the Frog first

The principle is simple. Start every day with the most challenging and important task (the slimy frog.) The consequent application of that principle is not as easy. It takes attention to work out what the most important task is. It takes discipline to not simply start with an easier, less important task.

To face the worst that the day has in store for you head-on feels great though. You know that everything that comes after, will be easier. You proved to yourself, that you’re somebody who follows through and tackles what’s most important. You already know that it’s going to be a good day. Everything else that you’re doing will just be on-top!

The principle brings clarity, by forcing you to consider: “What even is the most important thing for me to work on?” This knowledge will put in stark contrast the things that are not. It allows you, even on days that you don’t start by eating the frog, to recognize that you have been working on unimportant things. That awareness gives you the opportunity to turn the day around.

If the picture of “Eating the frog” gives you a sour taste you can replace it with a more friendly “Kiss the frog first.”

A frog on a plate in front of you
Eat the frog
Man kisses a frog in a pond
Kiss the frog

Apply it #

An idea is nothing without being applied. My clear recommendation: Try it for a week. It’s a reasonable commitment. Nothing can go wrong. See how it feels. This is exactly what I do in my weekly challenge format.

Ask yourself every morning:

What is the hardest, most challenging and important task to tackle for a productive start into the day?

References #

This principle originates from Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog!