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About this website and it's author

About this website #

The mission of this website is to provide structured practical advice. This takes the shape of philosophy, practical hands-on advice, filtering what works and inspiration through examples.

About me #

Who is Jonathan? #

My why is to help others by improving myself.

The more I can do, and the more effectively I can do it, the better I can help others.

I am currently working towards financial independence. Achieving this would allow for a greater focus on my building and take on larger projects. I could focus more of my attention on helping others.

What I do #

People are defined by what they do. So here is how I spend my time.

Building projects #

I create things to make my life and the lives of others easier. This can take many forms. As it is my area of expertise, I often leverage technology.

Learning #

I am constantly expanding what I know how to do. I seek knowledge that makes me change my behavior for the better.

Improving systems #

I constantly improve the systems that make up my life and bring order to the chaos.

Writing #

I write with the aim of learning more about myself, to synthesizing my knowledge and unique perspective and making it accessible to others.

Enjoying life #

I take the time to enjoy life, the natural environment around me and the relationships I’ve built.

What I don’t do #

The activities you don’t engage in are just as important (if not more) than the things you do engage in.

I don’t:

  • worry
  • drink alcohol
  • consume industrial sugar
  • play video games
  • watch TV/YouTube
  • read the news
  • use social media
  • spend time with negative or discouraging people