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Personal philosophy & Updates

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Update for the No Complaints challenge #

Plenty of resets this week. While the absolute number of fails is not decreasing, I’m noticing a shift from vocalizing complaints/cursing to only thinking them (external -> internal.) There were a lot of judgments of myself and others. I did stop myself multiple times from swearing or complaining.

Swearing generally is getting better, though I’ve noticed some phrases utilizing “fuck” or “shit” are hard to shake. My brain jumps to them as a way to express a certain response automatically. Like “what the fuck?!” for bewilderment or “shut the fuck up” for annoyance at somebody who just keeps talking seemingly without awareness of the situation.

Also, I engaged in a longer conversation about frustrations in my job. While this might get me come to grips with the situation better, it won’t help solve it. Reviewing it later I realized having that discussion had been pointless. There is something I can do about the actual issue by addressing the responsible parties directly, but if I’m not willing to do that then I should just let it go instead of wasting my energy by focusing on the negatives.

Personal philosophy #

I created a personal philosophy for myself1 to serve as the foundation that positively shapes my attitudes and actions, and ultimately my life:

your philosophy creates your life

I have integrated reading into my morning routine. A blog post with results and more details will follow. Here’s an excerpt though to give you an idea of what it looks like:

The truth is, what you do matters.
What you do today matters.
What you do every day matters.
The things that don’t even look like they matter do matter.
They make all the difference.

  1. Based on the principle of the The Slight Edge ↩︎