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Start of No Complaints

·2 mins·

New Challenge: No Complaints #

This week I’m starting a new challenge of not complaining, together with my wife. It was inspired by Tim Ferriss.

We have a bracelet1 on that we have to switch from one wrist to the other if we complain. The goal is to make it 21 days without complaining.

The definition of complaining we use is:

describing an event or person negatively without indicating next steps to fix the problem.

Additionally swear words are also banned. Just because they usually go along with negativity.

Intention #

What am I doing the challenge for?

I have caught myself complaining here and there, and I want to shed that negativity. I also know that personal growth is the key to attracting more wealth2. By being more positive I will uplift the people close to me and be surrounded by more positive people3.

  1. We didn’t get the official bracelets, but some cheap copies from ebay which were only $7.5 with shipping from China. Just search for “A complaint free world” on ebay if the above is unavailable. ↩︎

  2. Cf. GeldRICHTIG ↩︎

  3. Everyone around you represents some aspect of yourself. When you stop seeing yourself in them, they disappear. New people take their place not because the other left you, but because you left them. You changed. (from Deadly Class, Bone Machine)