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Weekly Challenges: A format for continuous growth

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A way to continuously apply self-development learnings and expand my comfort zone.
Current streak: 2 week
  • Week 19: “The power plant doesn’t have power, it generates power
  • Week 20-21: Eat that frog
  • Week 22: Neurostreams intensive: intensively use and test all the neurostreams and conclude sensible applications for the future
  • Week 23: “People are like balloons, with each interaction you can either let some air out of them, or blow them up a little.” - I will be around people that week and I want to challenge myself to consciously interact with them in a more positive manner
  • Week 24: No interrupting others. I’ve done this before and it was great. I will be meeting some friends that week.
  • Week 25: No new information. Only read and listen to what I have read or listened to before.

If you have a suggestion for something I should try, just let me know 🙂.

What is this? #

Above you find the list of challenges that I have done/will be doing. My goal is to write an article about the experience of each challenge. So for past challenges you will find those articles linked. Each challenge also comes with a short description of what it’s about/what my intention for it was.

Benefits of keeping a page like this #

Defining challenges ahead of time stops this behavior in it’s track: “Oh, I don’t know what challenge to do next”, which leads to “Damn I forgot to define a challenge” ➡ “I guess I’ll skip this week” ➡ *ignores next reminder*.

It also works as a way to keep me accountable to stick with these challenges. I combine it with an accountability group that I keep up with every week.

This page will be updated continuously and it will grow with time. Feel free to bookmark the site and come back to it on a later date 🙂.