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The Power Plant

The power plant doesn’t have power, it generates power.

Your body is that power plant.

What is the result of thoughts like “I don’t have the energy” or “I am so tired”? Will you feel energized and ready to go? Or will you feel like you need to lie down and take a break?

What if you stopped believing about yourself that you don’t have the energy to do x? Would you have more or less energy?

I am not suggesting that you deluge yourself. You have to listen to your body. If you are sick, give your body space. If you are in a toxic and draining environment, get out. If your batteries are empty, don’t push yourself.

But challenge the limiting belief that you can’t. Because usually you can. But, your limiting belief is there for a reason. What are your reasons? Why do you want to feel like you have no energy? What do you not have energy for? What does it give you an excuse for?

I really wanted to read that book/do that course/try that exercise, but I’m always so tired after work.

Thinking you don’t have the energy right now gives you an excuse to sit on the couch and watch TV instead.

The mental is one part. The other is giving your body all it needs to generate power.

  • Real food.
  • Enough water.
  • Enough sleep.
  • Enough movement.

You know. The basics.